Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ending up the Summer Semester

It has been a terrific summer term! With a few exceptions almost all the students really have risen to the occasion during this intense summer session. Last year was my first year doing this course and we got in only one jam packed kiln at the the very end. This semester we have tripled that effort with three jammed kiln firings (I can't even count how many bisque firings we did). Just last night we loaded it up and set it to candle over night, boy it was packed! We had way, way too much fun with this last load-up! We are tag team firing (me in the AM did the bumps, James will do the body reduction, and Taylor will do shut down in the afternoon.) The volume of work we got this semester was just grand. I can't wait to see everything during the final critiques on Tuesday. Here are a few picks of our kiln crew and the final packed kiln. Cheers!

From left to right- Taylor, Crista, Anna (front), James, and Amlan. I am pretty sure we have successfully recruited Amlan to the dark side.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Final Senior Project - Nicole Moree

Nicole Moree- Artist Statement

I am from Florence, Mississippi and have been attending USM since 2005. The concept of my Senior Show is “overprocreation”. This body of work is my reaction to the society that I live in. People procreate at a rate that astounds me. I believe our society is a lazy and selfish one. We live in an era where people dodge responsibility or try and pass it on to someone else. My work is based upon the outrageous number of babies that are spat into existence by people who are not prepared for the responsibility of rearing them. We live in a time in which this can all be prevented, but it seldom is.