Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sculpture Club

So yesterday evening, after class, we had a meeting were we talked about starting a sculpture club. James, Chris and I were there as well as, Grace, Dusty, Eric, Ronna, MJ, Bryan, Katie, Gary, Lindsey, Megan, and... well I am sure I am forgetting someone, sorry. It was a great talk and it seems there is some real interest. When I was a student at UGA I had a great experience with the Georgia Sculptors Society, our school club at the time. We had a bunch of shows together had fun meetings and were able to help support travel to conferences and events.

Of Course any club is only as good as its members, but I think now there are motivated students who are willing to do the work to get this going. Another reason to have the club is because we would have our own bank account and the money we make at ceramic sales and such, will no longer get turned into the office, where it is deposited in the netherworld of the USM financial system, it would actually go back to the club for it's own use.

I really hope this will work out! I will be happy to start off as the faculty advisor and help get things going. Let's see though what the students come up with as far as building support for this. Only they can run it and keep it going!

If you are interested in getting involved, the club is open to all students and even non-students, just let me know- Jen

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Important Meeting

There is an important meeting for all majors and other art students to attend. This meeting is especially important for the majors but any student taking classes in the 3D Area is welcome to attend.

There will be general announcements and a discussion about the new student sculpture club.

The meeting is next Tuesday, January 26th at 5PM in the 3D building.

Make plans to attend!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Decade, a New Year, and a New Semester

Gosh, that's a lot of NEW stuff.

I have been busy so posts have been minimal. But I will try and keep up better this semester.

So far classes are looking good, pretty full. So full that we have four 3D classes. Gosh that room will be busy back there. I think all the ceramics courses are closed as of now. All but one of the 3D classes is closed. Sculpture I has enough to make and the upper level sculpture courses are pretty close, but will be OK I am sure. We have had so many folks graduating it's killing our numbers. That's a good thing, I guess. We will have three more folks graduating this spring as well, I hope.

We had an incredible senior show last semester. It had excellent work, all of it unique and not without it's share of controversy. It really raised the bar for a lot of up coming students.

In that light there is an excellent website to check out ART ON TRIAL. It does a really amazing job of opening up the discussion about censorship and how it works in today's contemporary society. Some of the stories are just outrageous. ART 464, the Theory class for the sculpture majors will be taking an open and detailed look at this very topic when the semester starts.

Our Honorable Judge of Liberty, (3' by 4' oil painting), by Franciszek Kulon