Friday, July 13, 2012

Working Hard

Just thought I would share a few new images from the past few days of working in the furniture class. It's getting really exciting and I can see real progress.
The milling machine, perfect for cutting a mortise.

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Cutting tenons on the table saw.

And a table base emerges! Lots of sanding now.

Lots of gluing and clamping going on here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Building Tables

My second class of the summer is a special class on designing and building a table. Each student gets to design a simple table and then build it from scratch. I say simple because most of these folks have no wood shop experience and this is only a five week course. So our primary objective was to get most folks learning how to do a basic mortise and tenon and let them design from there. Four legs, four aprons and a top, that is our primary goal. All of the tables are different and unique even with in these basic parameters.

We started by going to a hardwood lumber dealer and purchasing lots of raw materials. These students are learning how to mill from rough cut stock. Face planning on the joiner and then using the large thickness planer and so on. All this prior to even making and joints and cutting parts. 

They are doing really well. Some students needed a tutorial in how to use a ruler and many don't have basic skills in math, figuring out decimals and fractions, but we are learning. After a few folks made some measuring mistakes every one is being extra careful.

It is very exciting to see so much new stuff going on in the shop. This class is hard as we have a fine wood shop but only one of every thing so it takes time to get folks through the process, but everyone is patient and working hard.