Monday, May 28, 2012

Back Up and Running for Summer!

So here we are again, ready for summer semester. When we made the push to get summer classes going about five years ago I never expected that the department would end up with so many full classes over the shorter and generally more intense summer semester.

It became apparent that we would need to offer more studio classes to make it easier for students to get their studio electives completed, so we started by offering some ceramics classes.  Painting quickly followed. Now we have all of those in addition several sections of graphics and a digital photo class. This summer I am also offering a new studio in furniture design, boy did that fill up fast!

For non-majors we also have several sections of Art Appreciation and on Tuesday I will offer the first ever on-line Art Appreciation. Gosh has that been a learning adventure for me. So far it seems like it will go off well, but it has it's own challenges and I'll keep everyone posted on its progress.

Ultimately I hope that some day we will be able to offer non-credit type studios, open to the public. Those pose many, many challenges, for us mainly space and resource issues, but with detailed planning and some funding maybe it can happen in a few years, any way, one can always dream!