Monday, April 25, 2011

Sculpture Guild Cup Drive!

The USM Sculpture Guild is hosting a cup drive on April 30th from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. This fundraiser supports the student club and helps to provide funds for trips to conferences and professional meetings.

Buy a handmade art cup and get a free margarita!!! After that all margaritas are only $2!!! What a deal!

Cup drive will be at Caliente Grille on Hardy Street in Hattiesburg.

So come on by, buy an art cup, drink some margaritas (or not) and while your at it have a bite to eat, all the while supporting the great students of the USM Sculpture guild!

Have You Seen the Senior Show?

Don't miss it. Crista Nelson, our only sculpture graduate this semester has an amazing group of works!  There are also some exceptional works in painting and graphics. It comes down in few weeks so get your butts over to the USM Museum of Art to view the show!

Works by artist Crista Nelson, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

More Scholarships, Open House, and Student Blogs

The second round of scholarships, these are for fall semester, will be happening soon. The date for review of portfolios is April 18th. More info and applications are forthcoming so this is just advanced notice to get you portfolios ready and get your images done! Don't be a sloth, there is over $20,000 up for grabs!

Open House is this Friday, April 8th. We will be doing a good spiff up of the studios for this event and will be giving tours throughout the day on Friday. Also, we have an evaluator (Susan Russo) from NASAD coming the next week, April 10- 12 and she will be having some meetings to talk with students, faculty and to look at our facilities, please be prepared to lend a hand in these two events in anyway you can!

Take a look at our great student blogs in the side bar. Writing and producing a blog page is free and a great way to get your ideas and work out into the public. Blogger also has the ability to link up with your Face Book page so every time you write a new post the information is made available to a wide group of folks. Check out how easy it is to do one at . If you get one going and you want to have it posted here, let me know and I'll review it and get it connected with our page. Of course we want art related content, but blogs can be used for any number of ideas you might have. Check it out, just don't forget to "follow" this blog when you do.