Friday, December 3, 2010

Annual Pottery and Art Sale

Annual USM Pottery and Art Sale

Today- Friday, December 3, from noon to 6:00 PM
Saturday, December 4, from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Art works by the students, faculty and staff of the 3D Arts Area. Great value for some excellent holiday gifts. A portion of the proceeds goes back to the studio to purchase new equipment for the students. There are sculptural items as well as functional pottery for sale.


Come early- come often!

Location; The 3D Arts Building on the USM campus, on West 4th street, right next to the Pat Ferlise Ticket office and just west of the new dorm complex. Call 601-266-4972 if you need additional directions.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hot metal at 12:00 - 2:00 PM, or thereabouts.

Make some art, buy a scratch block. $10.00, proceeds go to the USM Sculpture Guild student club.

Beautiful t-shirts also for sale!

West 4th street, Hattiesburg, at the 3D Arts Building.

Monday, September 27, 2010

SLOSS Sets Dates for National Conference- 2011

Pictures from 2009 SLOSS Conference.

The National Conference for Cast Iron Art at SLOSS Furnaces in Birmingham Alabama, has been set for April 13-16, 2011. Students who are interested in competing in the cupola contest will have to plan to be at SLOSS starting the Monday before, and there are several excellent workshops that start earlier too. Check out the conference website for more details and to register, there are important deadlines to be aware of!

It is by far the best conference available for students and all artists and a great way to see many other furnaces and techniques in casting. You will also meet lots of other folks, have opportunities for showing your work, you can participate in pours, and just have a blast of a time (pun intended!).

I go every year for the week and it is worth it even if you can only go for the weekend. Check the website and register early for the early bird discount student rate.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Visiting Artist: Antoinette Badenhorst

Antoinette Badenhorst will be visiting us in the ceramics studio on Monday and Wednesday, Sept. 13 and 15, from 12-2 pm, to give a special workshop/demonstration on working with porcelain. She will demo throwing on the wheel, trimming, and assembling, as well as a water resist etching technique she uses to create low relief patterns and designs on the surface of her thrown forms.

A native of South Africa, Badenhorst has shown around the United States and internationally including Japan. She has won numerous awards and has been featured in a number of publications including Southern Living and 2007 Best of America- Pottery and Wood.

All are welcome! The workshops and demo will take place at the 3D Arts Building on the USM campus over on West 4th Street.

Monday, August 30, 2010

USM Budget Cuts- SAD!!!

From and email out to Faculty and Staff this morning details programs to be cut from USM, Art and Design loses two programs- read on...

Dear Southern Miss Family,

I have the unfortunate task of advising you of our proposed budget cuts for the 2012 fiscal year. It is especially painful that this announcement comes at a time of record enrollment and unparalleled successes within the university.

The IHL Board of Trustees has asked all the state’s universities to develop plans to address anticipated budget losses. Our anticipated decrease for 2012 is approximately $15 million. Just as in the past year, we have started this process early in order to give ourselves the required time to notify faculty and staff members and to find any possible alternatives.

These decisions were guided by but not restricted to the recommendations of the University Priorities Committee. We owe the members of the UPC a debt of thanks for their long and arduous work and for providing valuable insights to the Executive Cabinet.
Reductions will come from the following areas: Academic Priorities (program deletions and consolidations), Academic Support Services, Administrative Support Services and campus-wide initiatives. The reductions are included within this letter. Regrettably, these reductions will result in job losses for faculty and staff. Students enrolled in programs targeted for elimination will be allowed a reasonable time to complete their degree programs. Also, an appeal process is being developed for programs requesting reconsideration.

Selected degree programs and academic initiatives will be eliminated in all five of the academic colleges. Twenty-nine faculty members have been notified that the current academic year will be the terminal year on their contracts. These include 3 Tenured Professors, 11 Tenured Associate Professors, 11 Untenured Assistant Professors, and 4 Instructors. Ten of these individuals serve in the College of Arts & Letters, three in the College of Business, eight in the College of Education & Psychology, four in the College of Health, three in the College of Science & Technology, and one in the University Libraries. Six of the affected faculty members teach on USM’s Gulf Coast campus.

Campus-wide initiatives may include the redistribution of indirect cost funds from research grants and contracts, possible furloughs for all employees, and a possible retirement incentive program.
Please accept my deep appreciation for your steadfast support during these unprecedented economic trials. We will continue to work together toward positive solutions and a sound future for our university.

Sincerely yours,

Martha Saunders

Academic Program Deletion or Consolidation
Allied Health, Bachelor of Science Gulf Coast *
Allied Health, Bachelor of Science Hattiesburg *
Art, Bachelor of Arts (retain Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art) *
Art Education, Bachelor of Fine Arts *

Engineering Technology (Computer Science), Master of Science *
Criminal Justice (Consolidation to Hattiesburg)
Early Oral Intervention, Master of Science *
Education of the Deaf, Bachelor of Science *
Engineering Technology Master of Science (CM, LM, ACV) *
Geology, Master of Science *
Higher Education Administration, Education Specialist *
Interscholastic Athletic Administration, Master of Science *
Management Information Systems, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration *
Marine Science, Bachelor of Science Gulf Coast *
MBA (Consolidation to Gulf Coast)
Paralegal (Consolidation to Hattiesburg)
Philosophy, Master of Arts *
Physical Education Licensure, Master of Science *
Political Science, Master of Arts (Consolidation to Hattiesburg)
Psychiatric Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing *
Recreation Leisure Management, Bachelor of Science *
Recreation Administration, Bachelor of Science *
Religion, Bachelor of Arts *
Sports and High Performance Materials: Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy *
Technology Education: Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy *

* Program closures require approval by the Board of Trustees


There is more to the email detailing various savings in different areas, but my feeling is that although there may be savings for the state and University the great loss will be to the students.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week Two

Paving continues. Hopefully it will be done in a day or two. The parking situation is ridiculous. I can not imagine having a job working with hot black-top in the summers in Mississippi. But with the economy in the toilet everyone is happy to have a job right now.

Here's a picture of James working with some of the Sculpture I students, gotta learn the torch set-up! It was terribly hot in the shop, close to 100 degrees, but they were all excited to get to cut steel with the torch for the first time.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Message from Our Good Friends at FSU

Greetings All,
I am writing everyone to invite them to the FeSU fall iron pour. This year we are partnering with the Luca Foundation to preforming a fund raiser for triple negative breast cancer research. The event is on Oct 23, a non-football weekend here in Tallahassee, casting begins at 4pm. As with any pour in FLA, it could be HOT- so we'd like to have bunch of crew to make it easy on everyone. We're planning a big event with music and food and hot metal from our new furnace- The Studebaker. taps 2- 80lb ladles, runs fast & HOT!If you're local and wanna make a mold, holla at me we'll do it- if you're outta town, you're welcome to bring a mold too!Please RSVP in you're planning on attending.

Hope you're all doing well...



Ira Hill
Associate DirectorMaster Craftsman Studios
Florida State University

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Important meeting of all sculpture and ceramics majors or folks thinking about being majors, 4PM on Thursday, Aug 19, at the 3D building. Don't miss it!

Toys! Our backyard is getting paved! Yay!

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Semester, Part II

Our backyard, being dig up in preparation for new black-top. Will it ever stop?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Start of a New Semester

Here is a great article from the NY times about finding cheaper te/tb00k$. You see I am not actually allowed to tell you about where to find cheaper reads but since this is NOT a school publication and we are NOT in class I guess I can tell you anything I want- read on

How to Find Cheaper College Textbooks, NY Times, Sunday, August 8, 2010

There will be a lot of road work happening on the back side of our studio during the first weeks of school. We are having the whole back part of the parking lot paved and we are getting a new driveway near the cupola. Please do not make any plans to use the back area for unloading supplies until you speak with me. We may be forced to use the front door for a while until this part of the project is complete.

The parking situation is only going to get worse, especially in our front area on the side of the studio. This open area is "open" for anyone who has a hang tag to park in, not just students. There will be a bunch of new staff working in the Century Park and they have every right to park out front. Please make sure you take parking into consideration as you head to class, you will probably need extra time in the mornings.

Please do not forget to pay your minimum balance for this semester- our classes are full, not just in the 3D area but in all of Art and Design. If you get dropped from a class for non-payment there is NO guarantee you will be let back in.

This looks to be an exciting and busy semester! I look forward to seeing everyone really soon!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Empty Bowls Project

Below is a message from Byron Myrick, from Jones Junior College.

This is a great project. Get involved!

Hey everyone, I hope you can help us out again with the empty
bowls project. It was very successful last year, all the bowls were snapped up, and the money went to two good food projects, the Salvation Army, and the Red Cross.

Of course since it went so well they would like to expand it this year, the good news is that we have longer to make the bowls. They are going to move the delivery to March 2011, but since they would like more bowls I would like to get started as soon as we can. Can we do the morning on August 7th and then maybe one or two more mornings spread about a month apart.
We could do some throwing and maybe some glazing at the later Saturdays. I know everyone may not be able to make all the work secessions but any you can would be a big help.
I would like anyone that wants to, to make a small stamp/chop to mark the bowls they make. We didn't do that last year and there were lots of questions as to who made "my bowl" so if you like, maybe your initials in a simple design.

If you know anyone else that would like to join us in making bowls, the more the merrier. If you would like for me to call them send names and numbers Please let me know if you can make it, if you have any questions give me a call 601-752-5172 or email of course,

Hope to hear from you soon

Monday, July 19, 2010

The New Semester Winds Down

What an interesting summer it has been so far. The first summer semester, basically the month of June, we had 21 students. For the most part there was excellent work being done. Some folks had a hard time with the intensity of the short time period and didn't plan well enough to get work done in-time for glazing and other finishing. Other folks went crazy making work. These students clearly were energized by the intensity of the program and the many hours spent in the studio charged them up and gave them licence to experiment and produce lots of works. Not that everything has been stellar. I think no matter how motivated someone is they have good stuff and crappy stuff. The crappy stuff is necessary on the way to the good stuff, but in the end it's all important to make and be seen. All in all I was happy with the final results and saw many challenges overcome with some good production and quality works.

In the second part of the summer, or semester two in the month of July, 13 students stayed on to continue the work started earlier. Some of the same issues arose, the main one being a struggle to keep up production after so many weeks of working hard. Keeping new ideas coming can also be a struggle. I have encouraged all the students to have multiple projects going so they don't burn out on any one thing. Production has dropped off in general, but I have also seen more quality in some student's work and that's a good thing. In addition I posted some information about a national juried teapot competition coming up and now many students are making teapots with plans on entering the competition. There are some really well done tea pots, all unique and representational of the artist makers.

I was very skeptical earlier this summer as to how two intense summer courses would work out, especially back to back, but I am pleasantly surprised. There is a wonderful energy happening with the students, a real core of artists is developing and I am seeing a great camaraderie that is beginning to define the sculpture program in a way I have not seen before. I am really hoping this energy works it's way into the fall semester and beyond. I think the 3D program is super (I am biased in that way!) and for many folks- students, staff and at least this faculty member, it really is beginning to feel like a real working studio. It's been hard work keeping everything going but it has been so very worth it!

I'll post some pictures of finished work at the end of July.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Additional Summer Ceramics and Sculpture Classes

We have been approved to list new summer courses for 2010.

These will be ceramics and a few sculpture courses (upper level only for majors) for the July session. There will be a few spots open in Ceramics I (Art 351) but students have to get permission from me first as I am only letting a few folks in.


We still need to get between 12 and 15 students for the courses to go.

Look for it on SOAR later this week!

Courses to be offered-

ART 351 (only a few seats by permission)
352, 353, 451, 452, 453, 362, and 492
M/W/F from 8:00 to 11:10 AM and T/TH 8:00 to 12:30 PM
June 29 to July 30

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Pictures

Crista working a sculpture piece.

Loading the bisque kiln.

Loading the gas kiln for a cone 10 glaze firing.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Juried Shows!

As you might imagine things had been crazy and this blog became the main victim of the busy times. Oh well when things get tough, somethings got to give.

Listed here are some important links for ceramic juried shows.

I can't express how important entering shows can be for the student (for all artists). One of our most recent grads, Ken, got acceptances to a whole bunch of excellent grad schools because he had more than a half dozen juried shows in just the past year. Even if you don't plan on going to grad schools, they are important for your resume and get you jobs and customers.

Deadline July 1-

August 27-

August 30-
If you are serious about ceramics you need to become a member!

Sept 1-

Sept 16-

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Iron Pour This Week

Breaking Coke and iron for the little furnace.

Iron pour, this Thursday, starting at 9AM.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sculpture Guild Meeting

Meeting: Thursday, April 22nd at 5:00 PM. BE THERE!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Good Show Opportunity

Call for Art:National IronA Juried National Exhibition of Cast Iron Art
The Missoula Art Museum, in conjunction with the Western Cast Iron Art Alliance, seeks to exhibit a diverse national collection of artwork made in the medium of cast iron.

All aesthetics and styles of contemporary artwork will be considered. Any scale of work will be considered, however, understand that artists will be responsible for shipping accepted work to and from the museum by the deadlines below.

The exhibition will open from 5-9 pm on May 7th, coinciding with the Missoula First Friday gallery walk and the 2nd night of the Western Cast Iron Art Conference!

March 29th, 2010—Deadline for Submission online
April 2nd, 2010—Artists notified by email
May 7th –August 29th, 2010—Exhibition Dates
April 26th, 2010—All work delivered to the museum by this date
September 15th—All work picked up in person or by carrier by this date

Jurors: Stephen Glueckert, Curator of Exhibitions, Missoula Art Museum
David Lobdell, Professor of Art, New Mexico Highlands University

Submissions:Artists may submit up to 5 digital images of cast iron art. All submissions will be made to: Applicants should upload images as jpg. no larger than 1220px @ 72 dpi. There is a $10 submission fee at the time of upload via credit or debit card. This pays for the cost of the service. Shipping: Accepted artwork must arrive at the museum by April 26th and be picked up in person or by carrier from museum by September 15th.

Please ship all accepted work, appropriately packaged/labeled for return to:
Missoula Art Museum
335 North Pattee
Missoula, MT 59802

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Info for Georgia Iron Pour

For those students who are interested in going to the iron pour at UGA, April 10, please check out this site and FILL OUT THE FORM, so they know who's coming (or may be coming) so they can plan for the event and food and such.

Incidentally this is the web site for the Georgia Sculptor's Society, UGA's student sculpture club.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sculpture Club Meeting

If you are interested come to the meeting!!! Bring other interested artists/students. You do not have to be a student to be a member of the club.

Tuesday, February 23rd at 5:00 PM

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sculpture Club

So yesterday evening, after class, we had a meeting were we talked about starting a sculpture club. James, Chris and I were there as well as, Grace, Dusty, Eric, Ronna, MJ, Bryan, Katie, Gary, Lindsey, Megan, and... well I am sure I am forgetting someone, sorry. It was a great talk and it seems there is some real interest. When I was a student at UGA I had a great experience with the Georgia Sculptors Society, our school club at the time. We had a bunch of shows together had fun meetings and were able to help support travel to conferences and events.

Of Course any club is only as good as its members, but I think now there are motivated students who are willing to do the work to get this going. Another reason to have the club is because we would have our own bank account and the money we make at ceramic sales and such, will no longer get turned into the office, where it is deposited in the netherworld of the USM financial system, it would actually go back to the club for it's own use.

I really hope this will work out! I will be happy to start off as the faculty advisor and help get things going. Let's see though what the students come up with as far as building support for this. Only they can run it and keep it going!

If you are interested in getting involved, the club is open to all students and even non-students, just let me know- Jen

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Important Meeting

There is an important meeting for all majors and other art students to attend. This meeting is especially important for the majors but any student taking classes in the 3D Area is welcome to attend.

There will be general announcements and a discussion about the new student sculpture club.

The meeting is next Tuesday, January 26th at 5PM in the 3D building.

Make plans to attend!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Decade, a New Year, and a New Semester

Gosh, that's a lot of NEW stuff.

I have been busy so posts have been minimal. But I will try and keep up better this semester.

So far classes are looking good, pretty full. So full that we have four 3D classes. Gosh that room will be busy back there. I think all the ceramics courses are closed as of now. All but one of the 3D classes is closed. Sculpture I has enough to make and the upper level sculpture courses are pretty close, but will be OK I am sure. We have had so many folks graduating it's killing our numbers. That's a good thing, I guess. We will have three more folks graduating this spring as well, I hope.

We had an incredible senior show last semester. It had excellent work, all of it unique and not without it's share of controversy. It really raised the bar for a lot of up coming students.

In that light there is an excellent website to check out ART ON TRIAL. It does a really amazing job of opening up the discussion about censorship and how it works in today's contemporary society. Some of the stories are just outrageous. ART 464, the Theory class for the sculpture majors will be taking an open and detailed look at this very topic when the semester starts.

Our Honorable Judge of Liberty, (3' by 4' oil painting), by Franciszek Kulon