Sunday, August 18, 2013

As Always, Running Behind

Classes start in just a few days! Wow, what a crazy busy and fast summer!

I still can not believe it is over. On the flip side, I am very excited to see all the students and have received many emails from folks excited to get back into the studio. As for myself, I have been in the studio for a decent portion of the summer building a new body of work and have high hopes that within the next few weeks all our 3D studios will be filled with the buzz of creation and bodies busy making things of all shapes and forms.

Howard Paine, our new department chair, has been working overtime to get things in order for the new semester. I give him huge kudos for the work he has done, he had a big mess to contend with and until the GHB is renovated there will be issues of all sizes to deal with. The new Art office is now on the second floor of Southern Hall, directly above where it used to be. If you are on that side of campus make sure you go by and introduce your self.

On the issue of the GHB, renovation has not yet stared, we are still working on the programming (planning of spaces, etc.) and the architects and engineers are working on drawings. The actual renovation with not change much with the layout, but will give Art and Design some better classrooms designed for visual art leaning and instruction. We still have a year to go so patience will be important, but when it is done it will be better than ever!

Be sure to check on SOAR and see where your classes are meeting. Many of the drawing and design classes will again be doubled up in studios aiming for some chaotic environments, but for now there is nothing we can do about that until renovations are complete.

We had some excellent summer classes again, the ceramics section is always fun and the furniture design class did chairs this summer. It was a hard class but the end results were inspiring!

Crit day, everyone sits in their chairs

Everyone was expected to make their own design and fit the chair to their taste and size.

Tristan in his "big boi" chair.

You see, size does matter, that's me in the same chair!

See everybody soon!